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A Letter From Home
Toby leaned back in his chair. The lights were off. There was a party going on in the cabin above him. He could hear the deep murmur of music through the ship's steel frame. Occasionally he heard the rising excitement of voices, though no distinguishable words echoed into his eight-by-eight room. He closed his eyes and felt the soft sounds flow through the air around him. In his mind they formed rippling waves that reflected lazily off the cold metal. The low rumble of the ship's engine, ever present for the past six months, wrapped around him. Holding him. Comforting him. He knew the sounds. He understood them.
He smiled.
This is peace, he thought. This is serenity.
Minutes passed before Toby sat up and opened his eyes. He looked around, almost surprised at the darkness. He moved his arm through the blackness, almost feeling it shift and shape around him until his hand came to rest upon the desk next to him. He felt paper under the pads of his fingers. Thick paper. A letter? He tried
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The Source of Life
"The Source of Life"
What would a sheep, standing on a hill looking at the village full of people down below, be thinking about, wondered Herbert, the sheep, as he stood on the hill looking at the village full of people down below.  He sat for a long time pondering the question, until he decided there was nothing to think about.  And anyways, he hated humans.  All they did was wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep, and wake up again.  They could do whatever they wanted, and yet they inevitably chose a life of consistent repetition, the same cycle each day.  Rather like sheep, except that sheep don't work so much.  And people don't have shepherds.  Or did they?  If a sheep's shepherd is a human, what would a human's shepherd even look like?  He supposed it didn't really concern him, and wandered off to the other side of the hill where the other sheep were grazing.  He didn't really want to join
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Neko no Jikan 002 by AberrantWolf Neko no Jikan 002 :iconaberrantwolf:AberrantWolf 0 0
An Eqii Tale
Chapter 1
Once upon a time in the land of Eqii (pronounced "ee-kee") there lived two young huntresses in a great forest.  Ewena, the eldest, and Shaterdkeda, the longest-named.  Together, they lived in the forest, at one with nature.
But one day, they got into an argument about what to eat for dinner.
"I want meat," cried Shaterdkeda.
"I want greens," countered Ewena.
And so they were at odds, because between the two of them they could eat an animal and leave no waste, or a head of lettuce and leave none left over.  But they both agreed that it just wouldn't do to each eat only half, leaving the other half to rot and go bad.
Chapter 2
They didn't know how to fix their fight over food, but they had once heard wind of a wise, ancient man who lived in the furthest edges of the forest, named Danean the Discerning.  It was said of this Danean that he had lived for so long, and seen so many things in his so many yea
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He goes by Randy Hart.  He is a very attractive looking man, and often uses that to his advantage.  He likes driving.  Randy will drive for hours – always fast and always recklessly.  He doesn’t like cities; he likes to stay at out-of-the-way motels near highway rest stops.  He figures he’s visited nearly all the stops from New York to L.A.
Randy has always had an eye for young women.  Some might call them girls.  It is late at night, mid-September, and he approaches a young lady seated alone at a booth.  This is one of the many nameless restaurants dotted along the lonely cross-country highways.  Her head is bowed, straight brown hair flowing in front of her face, and she is picking at the sandwiched grease on her plate – this is what they call a hamburger here.  She looks up as he sits down across the table from her.  Her hair falls back, revealing red rin
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In keeping time with my ever-so-infrequent updates, I will also update this journal page.  I have uploaded a couple of short stories I had written before.  Others may or may not follow, depending on how distracted I find myself before I forget that I was uploading things to DeviantArt.

Ever do I follow the fads of my own life, it seems.

Ah, well.  Enjoy what you can while it lasts, I suppose.  Or don't enjoy it.  You are equally free to do that as well, I suppose. ^_^;;
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United States
I'm a lazy guy. Truly. Well, maybe not, I just do everything, so oftentimes very little of it gets the attention it deserves; thus I feel like a lazy guy. :( I program, draw, write, play music, play games, the usual. I don't live "in the moment" so much as "in the momentum." I do what I find myself wanting to work on, as far as hobbies go. Sometimes that's consistent for weeks, other times it changes by the hour! I do not envy you. ^__^

Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything
Favourite style of art: Varies
Operating System: Mac/Windows/Linux
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: bash
Skin of choice: Mine... or hers. ^_^
Favourite cartoon character: Nyu/Lucy
Personal Quote: "While they're pants, they're not 'pants' pants."


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